3 Point Checklist To Choosing A People Counting Solution

Universities and colleges across the country find themselves staring at their budget each year trying to figure out the best way to allocate the funds they have received. Each department must take careful consideration when thinking about its needs over wants, strong data to back up their requests can often make or break their newest projects. Student unions are one of the areas that often find themselves trying to grow and expand on the campus grounds. They like to provide students with plenty of amenities to stay, study, eat and socialize. This is often the hub of campus and it’s important for the student union to stay current.

Proper data of student traffic helps to back up any future renovations and additions to their buildings. By implementing people counting sensors student unions are able to obtain this much needed data but not all sensors are created equally and there are specific steps facilities should use when deciding on people counting sensor to help solve their problems and get them the data they need.

Define Your Problem and Situation

You must first understand what problem you’re trying to solve within your student union, why do you need to obtain people traffic data? Are you looking for an addition to the facility as a gathering space or maybe your looking to renovate the dining hall and need to make sure it is a high traffic area that could benefit from the renovation and maybe you need to understand the traffic patterns of students and how you may want to redirect traffic for less congestion. Understanding the problem you’re trying to solve is integral to purchasing the correct sensor and having it set up correctly in your student union.

Find A Supplier

Suppliers offer different sensors and analytics software and it’s important to assess a couple of different suppliers to see what products they offer, what price range they fall into and what type of software packages they offer to pair with your new sensor. It’s important that you understand what you will be purchasing and how it will resolve your current problem.

Implement and Assess A Solution

Once a people counting solution is selected it will have to be installed properly and calibrated to make sure everything is communicating correctly and aligned for proper readings. After the hardware is installed you are ready to monitor your findings and start collecting data. Data analytics solutions such as the SenSource Vea analytics collects needed data and creates easy to populate and understand charts and graphs. You are able to customize your dashboard to view pertinent information based on your situation. These charts can also be shared with users and can be automatically sent to specific employees that you delegate. People counting solutions are meant to simplify the data collection process and to give you the information you need to make better business decisions.

When you’re armed with the right combination of people counting sensors and data analytics software you will be able to understand the full picture of what is going on in your facility on a daily basis. This will allow management to make decisions, create and implement ideas and solutions to better the environment for everyone on campus. SenSource would love to speak with you and help you decide on the right solution for your student union, contact us today to see what we have to offer.

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