Top 3 Reasons to Use 3D Video People Counters

Whenever you are about to implement a new technology into your facility it’s a big deal. The idea of people counting technology can be a daunting task at first but when reviewing the multitude of options available it becomes a little clearer. There are options for everyone and if you’re looking for a system that can function in any environment and is highly accurate even with the largest crowds then the ClearCount 3D video people counters would be the perfect technology for your facility. 3D video people counters offer the most accurate readings when it comes to traffic data, which in turn produces clear and concise data analytics regarding your facility. Accurate in high traffic With other people counting technologies, areas with high traffic often return poor data counts due to the inability of a sensor to accurately count the individuals. Sensors can often become confused if individuals walk too closely to each other or if you’re walking with a child or shopping cart. 3D Video People Counting technology fixes that problem and can accurately detect individuals even in high traffic scenarios. It is able to distinguish based on height whether there is an adult or child passing through and even omits shopping carts or other inanimate objects. Accurate in any environment 3D Video People Counting technology is also ideal for unpredictable environments. It accurately counts in varying lighting, temperatures and weather conditions and is available with a protective shroud for outdoor use. Manage queue and dwell times Facilities with high traffic numbers often look for additional information such as queue line times, as well as, dwell times. 3D Video People Counters have the ability to predict line wait times, monitor transactions times and measure queue length and other service metrics when paired with the Vea Analytics software. Peace of mind is what you will gain by installing and implementing a 3D video people counting system into your facility. It will offer your business the reliability and accuracy you and your team need to properly manage and operate your business. Pairing your 3D video people counting technology with Vea Analytics software can give you real-time data on any or all of your facilities with the click of a button. Contact our sales team today to see how SenSource technology can help your business operations! The below articles will offer you more information on intelligent imaging people counting technology and the ClearCount series offered through SenSource. Top Five Examples of When To Use People Counters in Retail Introducing the ClearCount Series Thermal Imaging Sensors Revamped, New Look and PoE


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