Analyzing Big Data

big dataBig Data sounds like a simple concept at first but once armed with the data many managers don’t know what to do with it. Properly analyzing big data is one of the things people struggle with but it shouldn’t be difficult.

People counters collect raw data on traffic patterns within a facility, this is typically the first step to obtaining big data. The next step involves the processing of raw data and analyzing it in order to fully understand and utilize the given data. By understanding customer traffic data such as, queue lengths, average length of visit, dwell times, weather trends and conversion rates management will be able to raise their bottom line and create better customer experiences.

With an abundance of information available, management can feel overwhelmed and may miss critical information that could help streamline operations and help drive revenue. With SenSource’s Vea analytics reporting platform management is able to create custom dashboards to view their data. These dashboards allow CEO’s, management and employees all to see different information at the click of a button. CEO’s are concerned with information on a specific facility or facilities to understand how they operating and if any changes need to be made. Management is able to view data necessary to running the store daily so they can properly staff and maintain the facility while employees can see very high-level data to help meet sales goals and drive team efforts.

Obtaining, analyzing and understanding big data will help business owners and management to understand their customers and will allow them to forecast future traffic.

Contact a member of the SenSource sales team to learn how people counters could help your facility collect and understand big data.

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