How Your Church Can Benefit from Automated Attendance Tracking

Every weekend people fill churches to hear the good Word, but do church administrators really know how many people are attending?  

There is typically fluctuation in attendance and administrators can benefit from that information. Attendance collection is important for churches as it allows them to properly manage and maintain the facility as well as providing a benchmark for growing the congregation. 

Staff Responsibilities 

Staff members often wear many hats in a church. One of their duties may be to count attendees at each service in order to provide a generalized attendance to administrators. However, this process can be very time consuming and can lead to inaccuracies. Staff members are typically more concerned with greeting attendees and ushering them to their seats rather than making sure their people counts are accurate. 

Technology has been assisting churches for years, from audio systems, lyric screens, web streams and more. Many churches have also been using technology by utilizing people counting systems. These systems are able to collect automated service attendance data for churches which free up time for staff members and increase accuracy with counts. By analyzing this data, churches are able to determine which service times are busiest, and in turn, ensure the operations of the church are optimized for their congregation. 

The implementation and data provided by people counting systems also assists church administrators when they are looking to renovate or expand their facility. Accurate usage data of the church on daily, weekly, and seasonal bases will help churches provide the best sanctuary for their attendees.  

If your church is looking to automate its attendance tracking and occupancy data needs contact a member of the SenSource sales team

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