BLE Retail Analytics [Infographic]

Choosing a technology to monitor your stores retail analytics can be a complicated task to complete. There are many options available and they all have unique characteristics. Two technologies that may appear to be at opposite ends of the spectrum actually work very well together; they are traditional people counting technology and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).BLEanalyticsInfograph

BLE technology offers more specific data and information about your shoppers, it also gives you the opportunity to engage with customers and target conversions in ways that traditional people counting technology cannot. However, when looking at BLE retail analytics data one has to remember that it can only count people with BLE technology turned on.

The pool of people BLE can reach is much smaller than that of which is actually entering your store. When you break it down you must eliminate all of the people that don’t have mobile devices, then you must exclude those people who have mobile devices but don’t have BLE capabilities and lastly you must remove those who do not turn their BLE technology on. You’re left with a very small portion of your original population pool to actually count. Traditional people counting technology, on the other hand, counts all people that walk through your door with 97% accuracy, that’s all people regardless of whether or not they own cell phones or other mobile devices. This system is also autonomous and does not rely on other technologies to work.

Although it’s unable to tell you specifics on each individual customer walking through your door it is able to analyze traffic pattern data including external data such as weather and marketing campaigns. When used in conjunction with each other, traditional people counting and BLE technology data could give you a complete picture of your shopping patterns, who your clientele consists of and what their shopping behavior is.

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