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How to Schedule an Emailed Report in Vea Analytics Platform

July 19, 2021

So you’ve invested in a people counting system, what’s next? It’s time to get familiar with all Vea cloud software has to offer!

Once your system is installed, you’ll schedule a training session with one of our Technical Support team members. They’ll walk you through Vea’s features and reporting tools and answer all of your questions along the way!

But if you need a refresh, are new to the team, or are considering a purchase and want a peek under the hood, here’s a quick tutorial on how to setup a recurring emailed report in Vea.

A recurring report can be scheduled for many modules in Vea including dashboards, day-hour-heatmaps and data grids. Each setup is similar, but for this example we’ll schedule from a data grid.

A recurring report is a convenient way to view data as it hits your inbox as opposed to logging into Vea. It also keeps your data top-of-mind, arriving in your inbox every day, week, month, or whichever frequency you choose.

You can keep key-personnel informed of foot traffic data by including them on the email recipient list. Recipients do not need Vea accounts to receive an emailed report. Stakeholders or executives may want to receive periodic reports to ensure goals are being met and to strategize for future operations. Or perhaps department managers or store managers would like to see past, present, and predicted foot traffic trends to keep informed, plan events, and analyze performance.

Scheduling a Recurring Emailed Report

Step 1
Navigate to the Data Grid. Customize your grid columns and settings. Hit “Refresh”.

Step 2
Click the cloud icon in the top right corner for “Export Options”. Select “Schedule Email”.

Step 3
Adjust the settings, including naming your report, entering recipient emails (followed by enter), and delivery time. Toggle for “repeating” report and choose settings.

Step 4
Hit “Schedule”. You’re set!

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