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SenSource Hosts Developer Internship Program

August 22, 2019
software developer interns

The need for software developers is growing in Youngstown, Ohio. As a technology company, we take pride in growing the interest and skills of those studying to become developers through our internship program. This summer, we were pleased to host two software development interns: Harsh Shah, a sophomore at Youngstown State University and Joshua Davidson, a senior at Mount Union College.

The internship program began with a rigorous training bootcamp instructed by Jeremy Forsythe, SenSource Senior Software Engineer, teaching a variety of topics, from the history and design of Ethernet through modern topics such as containerization and microservice architecture.

After the training, the interns started applying their prior knowledge and new skills to enhancing SenSource’s proprietary software platform, Vea Analytics.

“Both Josh and Harsh did an incredible job absorbing the decades of information we imparted on them and applying that knowledge to the work they did. These guys have a bright future in the industry.” – Jeremy Forsythe

The interns had the opportunity to put all of the principles they are studying in college into practice in a real-world software project. The skills learned in class, ranging from problem solving and data structures to communication and writing, were all key components to their success this summer.

Harsh and Josh both contributed code that is running in production today, helping to streamline our user onboarding process and to enhance our internal fleet management system, both providing great value to our customers.

During the second half of the internship, the team shifted to working on the next generation of SenSource’s Vea Analytics platform.

“As tools and platforms advance, software architecture is becoming much more complex. Both of the interns were able to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom and dive head-first into learning and working with cutting-edge technologies in a large and complex architecture.” – Jeremy Forsythe

We wish Josh and Harsh all the best in the pursuit of their degrees.