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Investing in a Retail Store Traffic Counter: Immediate and Long-Term Benefits

August 19, 2020

It’s no secret, aside from those selling essential goods, brick-and-mortar retail has taken a huge hit in 2020. In this recovery stage, it’s wise to invest in technologies that not only offer an immediate solution to a problem, but offer long-term benefits in a post-Covid world. One such technology is a retail store traffic counter to limit the number of shoppers in a store. This technology offers a solution to an immediate problem as well as long-term benefits to the retailer.

One of the most basic recommendations to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to maintain 6 feet distance from others. This is the foundation for why retailers are limiting capacity within stores, so shoppers can realistically shop while maintaining distance.

The quick-fix is to assign a store associate to monitor the entrance and manually count shoppers entering and exiting and stopping traffic once capacity is reached. While it is a quick remedy, manual counting doesn’t populate data for analysis of performance, offering a solution with little long-term value. In addition, it seems low-cost, but once you calculate the wages for someone to continually monitor the door and the disadvantage of taking that person away from more profit-driving tasks like assisting customers and stocking shelves, you quickly realize how expensive manual occupancy counting can be.

Investing in an retail store traffic counter, like SenSource’s SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring Solution, solves the problem of controlling retail capacity and provides long-term benefits.

The solution utilizes 3D stereo video people counting sensors to count shoppers entering and exiting, then calculates real-time occupancy. Occupancy status can then be communicated to shoppers by displaying it on a TV at the entrance or using SafeSpace’s API to incorporate the data into your store’s mobile app or website. At $795 per sensor and $35 per month for SafeSpace reporting tools, ROI is quickly achieved in comparison to the cost of labor for manual counting.

retail store traffic counter display

SafeSpace is a feature within Vea Analytics Platform that allows retailers to view real-time occupancy of each location, as well as historical performance. Historical occupancy reports are key to proving compliance to capacity regulations set forth by the corporation or government officials. Should questions arise as to whether one or all of your stores are within capacity guidelines, a quick export of a report will provide all the reassurance needed.

A second useful feature is the “best time to shop” report that analyzes historical occupancy metrics to show an hour-by-day grid highlighting the least popular times as best times to shop. Communicating the best time to shop shows customers you care about their safety and desire to distance themselves from crowds.

Safespace retail store traffic counter best time to shop report

While no one is certain when the post-Covid era will arrive, we do know it will be here eventually, and your investment in SenSource’s retail store traffic counter is still valid even after monitoring occupancy is no longer required.

The technology behind SafeSpace – highly accurate people counting sensors – have been a longstanding strategic tool for retailers. Obtaining footfall data allows retailers to make data-driven operational decisions. The most common KPI derived from footfall data is a store’s conversion rate. Vea also hosts a prescriptive staffing feature that analyzes historical traffic data to determine optimal staff levels, so you can schedule labor more efficiently.

Investing in SafeSpace offers an immediate solution to monitoring store occupancy as well as long-term benefits of highly accurate footfall metrics. If you’ve considered installing people counting sensors in the past, now is the time.