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Are You Monitoring Your Library Facility Usage? [Infographic]

December 13, 2019

Shifting naturally takes place with everything in life. Time passes and technology advances, patrons and libraries, alike, adapt to the advancements.

Libraries find themselves studying patrons and trying to figure out their interests in order to provide the proper services. Many libraries look at foot traffic data to help them obtain the information on library usage. Foot traffic data helps librarians to determine the building use. However, door counts only measures a patron’s entrance and exit actions, not where they went or what they used in the building.

Today’s patron counting systems now have the ability to measure footfall, track and count individuals entering, exiting and dwelling, as well as, monitor room usage. This information provides librarians with all of the data they need to monitor their facility usage.

Although, patron traffic is decreasing slightly, libraries are very much a part of the community. 91% of community members stated that libraries are an important part of their community. Many patrons still utilize physical books within the library however, librarians have noticed a trend of shifting interests. Many patrons have begun checking out e-books, audio books and movies. Other patrons are looking at other resources provided within the library such as, internet-accessible computers, group tables and gadgets that can be utilized in the library or checked out and later returned.

As technology advances libraries must be able to collect traffic data on patrons to see where their interests lie and which areas of the library may need updates to pique patron interest again.

If you’re interested in updating or implementing a patron counting system at your library contact a member of the SenSource team today to learn about your options.