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Our Fully Integrated Solution

August 11, 2021

People Counting + Occupancy = SenSource’s Fully Integrated Solution

In March of 2020 we developed a real-time occupancy monitoring solution as state governments began enforcing capacity limits in public places. Our perception, like many, was this is a temporary solution for a temporary problem our customers were facing.

But here we are, a year and a half later and the need for capacity limits and social distancing remains. Over that time, we’ve continued to develop our offering to include apps, alerts, and reporting features.

“SafeSpace pushed us in ways and directions we didn’t anticipate. But our software development team now has the experience and abilities to publish mobile apps, display apps, real-time events and much more. These pieces of work have been blended into our traditional business and has greatly enhanced those offerings as well.”

Dan Aluise, SenSource General Manager

Marrying Data Points in a Single View

Our software development team strategically built SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring to reside as a feature within our existing Vea Analytics Reporting Platform, creating a fully integrated solution.

Initially, it made it easy to onboard existing customers to the new occupancy features, simply unlocking it in the software and remotely calibrating sensors – tasks that got customers up and running with real-time occupancy in the same-day!

The strategic development proves beneficial moving forward as new customers can install a single sensor and access traditional foot traffic data as well as live occupancy from one reporting platform. Because, from day one, SenSource is a “people counting” company.

19 Years and Counting…

In our 19 years of business, we’ve adapted and reinvented our offerings to meet our customers’ needs of how and why to count people. Whether it’s a library collecting facility usage stats to justify funding or giving amusement park guests a heads-up for line wait times or alerting grocery store shoppers that max capacity has been reached, everyone wants a reliable and accurate solution.

We invite you to see our fully integrated solution in action! Register for a live web demonstration of our people counting and occupancy solutions, hosted by SenSource’ General Manager, Dan Aluise. Demos are hosted twice a week – register today!