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Patron Counting 101: Essential Data, Extensive Value

October 6, 2021

A Webinar Hosted by LibraryWorks

We’ve partnered with LibraryWorks earlier in the year to discuss how patron counting technology is used to abide by pandemic-related occupancy limits. As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, it’s the perfect time to get back to basics when it comes to patron counting. What is it? How does it work? Should I still be counting my foot traffic?

All of these questions and more are answered in our webinar recording of, “Patron Counting 101: Essential Data, Extensive Value.” SenSource’s General Manager, Dan Aluise, and Marketing Coordinator, Jessica Lipply, showcase hardware and software offerings and explain how libraries can leverage patron counting technology to make data-driven decisions.

Webinar Recording

Q&A Transcript
Patron Counting Technology

What is the detection-range a single sensor can view?

It depends on the ceiling height. If you have a short ceiling height, like 8 or 9 feet, you can’t view much more than the width of your doorways. If you have higher ceilings, 10-20 feet tall, you’ll view about 23 feet from the threshold doorway into your space. If you have restrooms or meeting spaces within the sensor’s detection-range, we can “draw” custom count-lines on the sensor to count the usage of those spaces separately. We can also “stitch” multiple sensors together to get a wider field of view.

Does the cost of the sensor include installation?

No, the installation cost is separate to use our installation services. We recommend a site-survey be performed before we quote your installation cost. If you have the capabilities to run the cable and mount the sensor, we can guide you through a self-install.

Describe a “space” for pricing purposes.

Each area collecting data is considered a “space,” such as occupancy monitoring for the entire library, the children’s wing, and a meeting room. There is an additional cost per space. If you have multiple entrances into your library, there is an additional monthly cost per sensor, but it’s at a lower rate than the first sensor.

Do you visit sites to determine how many sensors are needed?

Yes, we can dispatch a technician to do a field survey to take measurements and pictures. It is recommended if using SenSource’s installation services. There is a small charge for this service. We also offer a Project Scope Survey Form you can complete on your own and submit to SenSource.

Can you install your sensors at a remote location, like Hawaii?

Yes, we use certified technicians across the United States and most of Canada. Our Project Manager schedules these third-party techs and works directly with them and your team.

Regarding privacy, is the video footage uploaded or retained in cloud?

For the sensor to count, there is no transmission of video off the sensor. However, in order to validate accuracy of the sensor, there is an optional outbound port over secure FTP to send out a video validation file of half hour or one hour so our Support team can validate the accuracy. More on Sensor Privacy.

How many watts does the sensor need?

The sensor uses 6 watts.

Can a dashboard in Vea be sent to someone outside our organization?

Yes, if you are the admin, you can hand-key an email address to send a report

We are already SenSource customers, can we add SafeSpace?

Yes, if you are using sensors that are compatible with Vea’s cloud-based platform.

Our ceiling has 30’ high vaulted ceilings, will your sensor work?

Our standard VIDX will not work, however our VIDX3 sensor will work. It can be mounted 20-60 feet.