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Sunny Days Ahead – Is your amusement facility ready to greet guests this spring?

February 2, 2021

We’ve accepted the likelihood of another year of safety protocols to mitigate the spread of the pandemic. But we’re also cresting the learning curve of how to navigate the day-to-day while adhering to rules like mask-wearing and social distancing. Come spring, we’ll be making plans to visit our favorite entertainment venues like amusement parks, zoos, museums, and family entertainment centers.

As an operator of such venues, you’re well aware of the urgency to make plans now to ensure the best guest experience come spring. Will you be confident guests are following capacity limits put in place to make social-distancing feasible? Simply hanging a sign on the entrance stating the set max capacity number won’t cut it, especially with large parks and vast museums where guests can’t visualize the overall crowd size.

Over the past ten months, we’ve helped numerous amusement venues – from the National Gallery of Art to MGM Resorts – automate the process of counting guests, giving operators, staff, and guests peace of mind.

SenSource’s SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring System uses intelligent people counting sensors to count guests entering and exiting your facility at multiple entrances and combines the data for a real-time view of current occupancy.

SafeSpace and the Amusement Industry

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1. Installing Sensors at Each Entrance

Last season you may have tried closing gates, funneling guests through an entrance and exit system to track occupancy. And you may have realized this approach usually causes bottlenecks and crowds, making social-distancing more difficult to manage.

Alternatively, you may have relied on your ticketing system data to judge occupancy. But it’s a shot in the dark when you’re only considering guest entrances and not accounting for exits, not to mention that guests’ visit length varies greatly and some may leave and reenter multiple times.

Using SafeSpace, there’s no need to close gates or rely on inaccurate data. Our technicians will install a people counting sensor at each entrance to your park or facility. Guests can come and go and the sensors will detect each entrance and exit. Using SafeSpace, it’s totally hands-off, capturing the flow of guests without staff intervention.

Current SenSource Customers

If you’re already using SenSource’s VIDX series people counting sensors, it’s easy to upgrade to SafeSpace! Simply contact us to unlock the SafeSpace Occupancy feature in your instance of Vea Software.

2. Communicating with Customer-Facing Displays

Maybe SafeSpace’s most valuable features are the included apps and URLs used to display occupancy status on a TV. The data isn’t just for compliance reporting and back-end analysis, your guests want to see it too! As guests enter your venue, they’ll see a display with the current occupancy status that’s also color-coded as to  whether they can enter or wait.

You can use your own smart TVs or tablets or purchase from SenSource. Some customers even incorporate the URL into their website so guests can plan their visit based on current occupancy level.

3. Train Staff & Key Personnel

In addition to the display app, SafeSpace also includes a handheld counting app for a smartphone or tablet. While we advise automating the system, there are instances where manual counting comes into play. For example, your main gate is under construction and you open a temporary guest entrance. A staff member can use the app to increment and decrement as guests enter and exit. The app tally is calculated into your sensor counts from entrances B, C, and D to display the current occupancy.

The app can also be used to simply view current occupancy if you are off-premise or inside the park.

Lastly, the app includes a forced stop feature to change all of the displays to Red Stop. This is helpful if you notice areas within the park becoming crowded, even though max occupancy hasn’t been met. You can stop the incoming flow of guests until the crowds disperse.

When you purchase SafeSpace, you gain access to a full reporting platform – Vea Analytics. It includes occupancy reporting as well as traffic reporting and visualizations. If you own multiple locations, such as a family entertainment center with four trampoline parks, you can view activity at each location and make comparison reports.  

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