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Theme Park Guest Experience: 3 Ways People Counters Help

February 24, 2022

There are over 400 amusement parks in the United States alone, each one bidding for the same audience. It’s no secret that theme park guest experience is a dominating factor for which parks will succeed.

People counting sensors are a behind-the-scenes tactic to facilitate positive guest experience. By installing sensors throughout a park, you can quantify and analyze how guests navigate to identify areas of improvement. The same sensors can be used to accomplish three very different guest experience initiatives – estimating ride wait time, analyzing traffic flow, and monitoring occupancy.

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Estimated Ride Wait Time Technology

Theme Park Guest Experience: Set Realistic Expectations for Happier Guests

By placing sensors at the beginning and end of a ride queue, Vea Analytics’ predefined calculations will determine throughput rate and queue length to reveal the estimated ride wait time for someone entering the queue.

The estimated ride wait time can be displayed at the ride’s entrance, communicating to guests, and more importantly, setting the right expectation, for how long they’ll be waiting.

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Traffic Flow

Theme Park Guest Experience: Eliminate Congestion for Guests to Move Freely

A ticketing system will report how many people entered the park and at what time, but when paired with a people counting sensor, exit traffic is added to the dataset. Armed with entrance and exit traffic data, you can determine park occupancy at a given time and the fluctuation and patterns throughout the day. This accounts for guests who leave the park and return throughout the day, data a ticketing system alone cannot account for.

In addition to entrance traffic, sensors can be installed throughout the park to quantify usage of common areas, like the tiny-tots playground and the outdoor theater. If the data reveals bottlenecks and congestion, you can make informed decisions on how to change the park layout to better accommodate the crowds.

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Theme Park Guest Experience: Track and Cap Occupancy in Theaters, Shops & Buildings

Not only is it useful to analyze the entire park’s occupancy, there’s also benefits to monitor occupancy within the park, such as at theaters, retail shops, and attractions inside buildings. The pandemic put capacity-limits in the forefront of everyone’s mind, to give guests the opportunity to social distance. And years down the road, when occupancy limits are no longer mandated, guests still expect more social space than prior to the pandemic.

To increase guest satisfaction, ensure your enclosed areas use an occupancy monitoring system to communicate how many people are in the building, if capacity has been reached, and if the next group is able to enter.

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We look forward to hearing about your application and how SenSource’s people counting technology can improve your theme park guest experience!