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Top 5 Features of People Counting Software

September 9, 2021
Top 5 Features of People Counting Software

People Counting

Collecting foot traffic data and using people counting software has become an essential practice for many types of businesses. Retail stores can identify customer habits and learn how their marketing is performing. Libraries and other educational facilities supplement funding requests with building usage data. Amusement Parks and Family Entertainment Centers optimize staffing and schedule events based on peak and non-peak traffic times.

Foot traffic data can be used in many ways, but consuming the data is just as important. There are many options available today for people counting software, including Vea Analytics, SenSource’s solution. Here are the Top 5 Features of People Counting Software you want to make sure are included in the system chosen for your application.

#1: Accurate

Many people counting systems, SenSource included, touts the accuracy of their sensor technology. That is an extremely important item to discuss, but the accuracy of the data within the software reporting platform is equally as important. If the numbers don’t add up on the platform, the data is meaningless. When vetting providers, ask if padding anomalies or auto-filling missing data are standard protocol. It’s important to know if changes to your data are being made behind the scenes. At SenSource, we trust the accuracy of our data and relay it, as-is, to our customers.

#2: Intuitive

Workers use more software platforms on a daily basis than ever before. Studies show users interact with more than 9 apps alone, and that is just on smartphones. To make sure a program enters the daily or weekly routine, it must be easy to use. SenSource’s Vea Platform takes advantage of drag-and-drop interfaces and tailored reports for an intuitive experience.

#3: Supported

We have all been there. A chart won’t update. A report won’t export. A password won’t work. Software needs to be supported to handle any difficulties that are encountered. We take Technical Support very seriously at SenSource. We have a fully staffed, in-house, support team with more than 50 years combined service in the people counting industry. They are easy to reach (via phone or email) and quick to respond!

#4: Proactive

Any software platform that isn’t continually improving is falling behind! A proactive development plan is crucial to a software’s success. SenSource utilizes a proactive development plan leveraging our in-house dev team. Our development road map can have more than 50 projects on it at any given time which is divided amongst our diverse and talented team. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to adapt to changing customer needs, such as being the first to offer a fully functioning, real-time occupancy monitoring solution when COVID regulations hit and required businesses abide by strict occupancy restrictions. In instances like this, our larger competitors lacked the nimbleness to change their software development team’s roadmap and serve its customers’ most immediate needs.

#5: Available

When subscribing to a SaaS, customers expect it to be like 7/11, always open. The data collected is your data and you should be able to access it any time you’d like. This is why SenSource has decided to offer Vea as a cloud-based platform. Extremely reliable, with a 99.9958% uptime over the past 18 months, software availability doesn’t have to be a concern. The cloud-based platform also allows you to log in from anywhere (office, home, airports, etc.) and access the data. Always counting, always available.

Keep these features in mind when doing your people counting platform research. To learn more about Vea, how it works, and what to expect, visit our Software page.