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Workplaces Magazine

May 24, 2021

SenSource Featured in Workplaces Magazine’s
“Occupancy Data That Counts”

SenSource is featured in April’s edition of Workplaces Magazine in the article “Occupancy Data That Counts” written by Jennie Morton.

Morton interviewed industry leaders in the people counting segment, including SenSource’s Marketing Director, Andy Clutter, for an in-depth look at how the pandemic increased demand for automated occupancy systems in corporate offices.

infographic space utilization is workplaces 6 uses for people counting sensors in corporate offices

The article includes six uses for people counting systems beyond headcounts:

  1. Restrooms
    Auto-collect true restroom usage to dispatch cleaning crews.
  2. Foot Traffic
    Streamline operations based on where and when people are using areas in your office building, such as conference rooms and cafes.
  3. Security
    Alert security staff if a person enters a restricted area.
  4. Real Estate Allocation
    Make the best use of your building by analyzing space utilization or use data to base down-sizing, repurposing, or increasing square footage.
  5. Avoid New Construction
    Realize the actual usage of your facility to determine new space needed to make the most efficient and waste-saving decisions.
  6. Energy Savings
    Connect your people counting data to your HVAC and lighting systems to reduce energy consumption in unused areas.

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