Boise State University Student CenterTHE PARTNERSHIP

At SenSource, we are excited to watch the success and growth of our clients. Our people counters play a pertinent role in justifying the expansion of facilities such as the recent renovation at Boise State Student Union. Boise State University is home to 20,000 students and is one of the top public institutions in the Northwest. The student union houses the school bookstore, a computer lab, dining services, the student mail center, a games center and more. Students also have the choice to join over 200 organizations and the Student Union is the hub of it all making it important to ensure the building functions to its fullest capacity.


The January 2010 Bulletin of the Association of College Unions International, ACUI, explains the need for the Student Union’s expansion:

“During the past 10 years, student enrollment increased from 14,000 to 20,000. And daily building counts grew by 15 percent annually over the last six years to 7,000 daily. It was time for the Student Union to expand.”

With people counting data available through the use of SenSource products and Vea Software, the need for a facility expansion was made readily apparent.

Student unions play a vital role in campus life and university operations. Generally located at the center of campus, student union buildings host students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests and operate as meeting areas for organizations, recreational activities, and other formal and informal social gatherings.


With continual foot traffic through the building, it’s easy to see how people counters are a necessary feature to efficiently operate the campus social center. Dan Bixby, IT Manager at Boise State, took a moment to describe the many applications SenSource people counters have at Boise State, including capturing accurate traffic data and monitoring traffic patterns:

“Our facilities team has used the data to modify their cleaning schedule and pattern to better cover busy areas and make their staff more effective and efficient. Student organizations have used the data to help plan where to place advertising and how best to reach large numbers of students that pass through the building. And our administration has used the information to show that expanding the Student Union has been a resounding success and that our students and visitors are making use of the new facility in ever greater numbers.”

Combining SenSource people counting systems with Vea Software benefits the student union facility’s operations even further by enabling automatic, customizable report generation of near real-time data. Bixby explains his experience with Vea Software:

“The ability to use the Vea Software to automate our reporting means that I do not have to manually generate and email reports that everyone wants each week and month. Once you have created the reports that you would like to send out, it’s very “set it and forget it,” and the reports arrive as desired, automatically, in easy to read PDF formats.”

We look forward to working with more universities and student unions while continually expanding our presence in the people counting market. To learn more about SenSource people counting solutions for your facility, visit Visit the Boise State University website to stay up-to-date on activities taking place at the new student union or the ACUI website for student union activities across the globe.

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