crossroads church project studyTHE PARTNERSHIP

Crossroads Church, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, was founded in 1996 and was created as a place for anyone wanting to seek God, from those who are exploring the existence of God to committed Christ-followers. Crossroads Church presents biblical truths and shows their congregation how to apply their learnings to everyday lives, all while having fun.

Currently the Crossroads Church welcomes a congregation of just over 41,000 people a week at 14 different locations. In order to efficiently operate a church of this scale they staff 314 people with an even larger volunteer community assisting in their efforts.

Finding an automated and unified way to track in-auditorium attendance was the next step for Crossroads Church in maintaining such a congregation. SenSource partnered with Crossroads Church to obtain an accurate count of parishioners.


The goal of the church was to efficiently collect occupancy of their auditoriums and to standardize a system between the church’s 14 locations. As the congregation grows manual counting methods were no longer adequate and served as a very time consuming method.

By installing new SenSource people counting systems the church can accurately count individuals as they enter and exit the church, no matter which church they are at. The staff has tested and validated their sensors and are confident in the data they are gathering and the time saved from manual counts.


SenSource was able to provide more than strictly numbers to the church, they were able to free up time and create a simpler method for their staff in understanding congregation traffic.

According to Josh Hughes of Crossroads Church, “Prior to SenSource we were using many different techniques for counting attendance. Some sites did hand counts while others took pictures of the auditorium and had someone count each individual person in seats. Everyone did it a bit differently and validation was a challenge. SenSource provides us with uniform system with centralized aggregation allowing us to access counts in near real time.”

While installing sensors into the 14 church locations they each had their own scenario. Crossroads Church uses repurposed buildings, each with its unique challenges. Their Uptown campus created the biggest challenge for the install. Built in 1873, the age and configuration of the building required some creativity when deciding where and how to place sensors but the SenSource team was able to work with the church and figure out the best placement for accurate data collection.

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