Church Technology: 5 Ways to Decrease Work & Spur Growth

church attendance collection in Church Growth Magazine

Check out our latest feature in Church Growth Magazine!

Take a deep dive into why and how automated attendance collection systems are used in churches. Joe Varacalli, president of SenSource, recently published an article in Church Growth Magazine sharing his expertise on how people counting technologies are used in places of worship. 

Joe discovered the need for people counting sensors within churches a few years ago. While these intelligent sensors have been around for decades, providing data for retailers, libraries and various other industries, the need within churches was still undiscovered. But as more and more mega churches with 300+ attendees became the norm, and churches became more tech savvy, Joe realized the need for an efficient process to collect and record attendance.

The team at SenSource tested its solution within local churches and worked closely with administrators to understand why attendance records are important to them and fine-tune our solution to meet their expectations.

In response to their needs, a new feature was added to Vea reporting platform for the church market to determine the peak occupancy record during service time. Flash forward to today, and churches across the US are using SenSource’s automated system and analyzing their attendance records to:

  1. Measure Growth
  2. Compare Campuses
  3. Justify Expansions or Renovations
  4. Operate Efficiently
  5. Predict Spikes and Lulls

Read more about how these 5 Uses for an automated attendance collection system will assist in making strategic decisions to increase security, communications and help your church grow:


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