Clicks To Bricks: A Data-Driven Strategy

SenSource’s latest article published on Forbes

sensource on forbes. clicks to bricks

In our latest article published on Forbes, we take a look at the trend of digitally native e-commerce retailers opening physical shopping spaces, aka clicks to bricks. Joe Varacalli, President of SenSource, offers his expertise on why this trend is taking place and technologies that will marry digital and physical analytics, not only for a complete performance view across channels, but also to lay the foundation for future AI-enabled tools.

At SenSource, we’ve seen a lot of technology solutions come and go in the industry as we’ve worked with retailers over the past 17 years. Anyone who plays a role in the retail industry knows we’re at a turning point, where the very definition of “shopping” has a new meaning and the way retailers react to these changing consumer expectations will decide their fate. E-commerce retailers with their native mindset of data analysis may be the best positioned to implement the latest technologies to disrupt the physical shopping experience.

Read the article, “Clicks To Bricks: A Data-Driven Strategy” now on Forbes:


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