How To Compare Multiple Facilities In Varying Geographical Areas With Vea

Multiple facilities, often across a vast distance, in any industry will leave you comparing data on each location and comparing differences among them. Cohesion between locations is typically the task of management and they are able to obtain this thanks to the help of data analytics.

Management studies and compares data between locations to create a cohesiveness among each location, however, they often narrow their focus on specific areas. One area management should consider is any geographical comparisons.  People counting sensors that are connected to the Vea analytics reporting platform open this possibility up to management.

Large library systems can have libraries spread out across multiple cities and retailers can have locations across the entire country. The geographical differences between facilities can make a huge difference in traffic within the facilities.

Snow and bad weather can often slow down traffic in the South where they’re not accustomed to dealing with the weather, however, the people who live in more mountainous colder areas won’t be stopped by the same weather. A hurricane at the Gulf Shore wipes out traffic to facilities on the shore while the rest of the country is un-phased.

Geographical location of specific stores, libraries, museums and facilities in general can make a great impact when comparing facility data and needs to be considered if you have multiple locations. Once proper data is collected and compared on each facility management will be able to properly anticipate traffic levels during specific times of year and even time of day. This data will allow them to properly staff employees and maintenance, accurately order inventory or stock facilities and plan marketing campaigns and events.

Accurate, reliable data is pertinent to growth within any business. SenSource people counting sensors and the Vea analytics reporting platform increases the accuracy of data and allows management to see the bigger picture between multiple facilities. Contact a member of the Sen Source team today to learn which sensor system would work best for your facility.

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