Efficiently Allocate Resources At Churches

Space management and occupancy is often a concern within churches, large and small. SenSource recently sat down with Crossroads Church, out of Cincinnati, Ohio, to discuss the needs of their church.

crossroads church occupancyCrossroads Church had been using a manual process to count members as they would enter and exit the church which became quite a tedious and time consuming job. They elected to install a SenSource people counting system to better utilize time of their employees.

Automated people counting and reporting alleviates the need to manually headcount attendants, leaving ushers to greet and serve as intended. The people counting system is a networked solution, therefore office staff can simply log into a secure online portal to view real-time attendance numbers, report on trends and easily share the information with others. An additional benefit of a networked solution is that the data can easily be integrated with other software programs using an API. Efficiently allocating resources based on actual need will save churches money in the long run.

For all of the details of the Crossroads Church experience with their people counting system read the full case study.

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