Creating the Optimal Customer Experience

Technology in the retail industry is nothing new, it’s becoming increasingly common to find multiple layers of technology within a single store, much less an entire shopping mall. Malls have begun to transform the customer experience but in order to do so they must first understand their customers. Knowing customer traffic and the length of stay of each individual is key to this transformation. Measuring customer traffic through a single shopping mall can show you customer shopping habits, as well as, shopper demographics. This data can help you analyze your customer base and help you to set up a floorplan accordingly or even help base mall advertising and marketing promotions. Based on recent data that has been collected malls are beginning to offer more service based opportunities for customers. In the recent article Investing In Experience from Stores magazine, David Munczinski, founder and CEO of Brickwork, stated “You see mall developers now rolling out concierge, personal shopping across multiple stores, focusing on local delivery.” By understanding what customer’s habits and needs are malls have been able to determine that creating these centers for service would be in their best interest. Investing in customer experience will ultimately be beneficial to the overall growth and outcome of the mall. Another new trend that has started, thanks to the data provided by customer traffic, is space for co-working. Westfield Corp. started a space, Bespoke, in many of their malls that does just this. Kevin McKenzie, Global Chief Digital Officer for Westfield Corp. stated “They pay to have the office space, but they are rarely there because they want to be part of that community and share ideas and have access to physical ideas.” Currently more than 50 companies participate in Westfield’s Bespoke in San Francisco. Loyalty rewards programs are another big customer draw for shopping malls, not to mention information source. Mall rewards programs offer another level of shopper data to retailers based on performance and actual purchases and not just interest. Consumers are given an incentive to purchase and follow through with the call to action giving management further insight into the shopping habits of their customers. Improving customer experience is top of mind for mall operators. Technology and services are constantly changing and malls are continuing to adapt to these changes. Understanding customer traffic and habits is key to creating the optimal customer experience. Learn how retailers are focusing on customer experience through traffic counting in these other articles: Predicting Retail Traffic Patterns In-Store Data and Analytics Creates Retail Competition A Complete Location-Based Interior Analytics Package for Retailers


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