SafeSpace – Customer-Facing Occupancy Display

A key purpose of monitoring occupancy is to display information to customers. Viewing the current occupancy status makes customers aware if they can enter or need to wait. Additionally, a customer-facing occupancy display at your facility’s entrance signals to customers that you care about their safety.

SafeSpace: Built for New COVID Capacity Regulations

SafeSpace was built with these factors in mind. The automated occupancy counting solution uses people counting sensors to track and count people entering and exiting your facility with precision. The data is transmitted to SenSource’s cloud-based Vea Analytics Platform in real-time where occupancy metrics are calculated.

Then simply download the SafeSpace Display App on a tablet or TV to create your customer-facing occupancy display. The Display App is available in the Amazon App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Custom URLs are also provided in Vea to be used with smart TVs.

View the full list of compatible devices here.

Customer-Facing Display Variations

safespace customer-facing occupancy display

SafeSpace is loaded with three display variations. The first is a traditional numeric view of current occupancy with a color-coded background, transitioning from green to amber to red as capacity nears max. The second view uses a numeric view with icons, an open door to enter and a stop sign to wait. The third view only uses the door and stop sign icons without numbers.

SenSource customers utilize SafeSpace for a variety of applications, such as grocery stores, family entertainment centers, museums and bathrooms to name a few. Grocery stores tend to use the numeric icon view, providing customers the information they need at a quick glance – the icon to enter and the details of how many people are in the store. Corporate bathroom applications prefer the icon-only view because guests simply want to know if they can enter or not.

Build Your Own Display with SafeSpace API

Should you want to customize your own customer-facing occupancy display a RESTful API is available for all SafeSpace occupancy metrics within Vea. Pulling data into your website or mobile app is also a great way to display current occupancy for customers to view before visiting your facility. Swimming pools and family entertainment centers are examples of places where guests would like to see occupancy ahead of time to gauge if it’s a good time to visit.

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Stacia Dashiell says

I’m requesting a quote for the people counter for 3 entrances of my facility. Does the display stand alone on a monitor or does it need to be mounted? How does the application connect? I would prefer the option 1 or 2 displace option.
Please send me a quote or email me if you have more questions.

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