Door Counters Provide Essential Information For Retailers

If you manage a retail business, you can’t help but keep track of your bottom line. Sales, expenses and profits are right there in front of you. But while you’re judged on the bottom line, if you want to improve it you need more information.

The most basic and essential piece of additional information you need to know will be your conversion ratio. How many people come in the door compared to those that actually buy something? Not knowing this number can be similar to praising a pitcher for throwing six strikeouts. Did he do it in two innings or 20? In a series on challenges facing the retail industry, Deloitte & Touche USA focused one entire chapter on improving the conversion ratio. But as the authors noted, you can’t improve it if you don’t know what it is: “Every retailer has significant opportunities to improve conversion by delivering a better customer experience. For some retailers, however, it is hard to fix what is not seen or understood.”

Fortunately, with SenSource’s door counters for retail, gathering the basic data you need to judge your retail business’ effectiveness can be surprisingly inexpensive and easy to implement. For a small shop, something as simple as our Magnetic Door Counter can give you a basic snapshot of your store’s traffic. This self-contained, battery-operated system installs in minutes and keeps a count of how many customers come through the door.

Other retail door counters offer greater flexibility and additional options, such as the ability to download results to your computer or network and people counters with chimes. See our product list to learn more about the many options SenSource offers.

Of course if your retail operation is larger, SenSource has more sophisticated systems that can handle multiple entrances and do far more than count customers who come through the door. You can also know where in your store customers are going and see real-time information on the flow of shoppers. Even if you’re not ready for a more extensive and sophisticated SenSource system, you owe it to your business to begin accumulating the basic information you need and a door counter is the logical place to start.

If you’re still judging your retail operation’s success based solely on old metrics such as sales per square foot or average ticket per transaction, you’re missing the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of how to improve your bottom line. To find out how affordable a SenSource door counter can be for your retail operation, contact us for more information and pricing.


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