Employee Occupancy Counts: Business Post COVID-19

Navigating through the COVID-19 crisis has not been easy and we’ll likely see fallout from this pandemic for many years to come. Face masks, social distancing, and employee occupancy counts are all things that will be a part of our daily lives for the foreseeable future. This will extend to many businesses who are starting to re-open their doors as regulations begin to loosen. Office buildings, factories, workshops, and warehouses will all fall under some level of occupant load regulations.

An easy-to-use occupancy counter like SAFESPACE will allow all types of businesses to count employees as they enter and exit facilities. When using SAFESPACE, all data is stored to SenSource’s cloud-based reporting software, which will allow companies to track their employee occupancy counts and submit data for audits as required. Proactive measures like a documented occupancy monitoring solution may allow businesses to open up ahead of schedule. Staggered schedules can often lead to confusion of who will be in and when, but this solution keeps everyone in the know, all the time.

SAFESPACE allows for manual tracking using a smart device, or an automated solution utilizing SenSource’s video-based people counting sensors. Regardless of which method is chosen, a real-time occupancy count can be displayed on a TV or monitor near the doors, to allow employees and visitors to make educated decisions on their actions. The business type and application typically drive which method is the best fit. Occupancy monitoring will be new to many businesses, but SenSource uses industry-leading technology and when combined with our proprietary software, even novice users can jump right in and benefit quickly.

Contact SenSource today to schedule a demo so you can be ahead of the game and get back to normal as soon as possible, even if the new normal means we need stand a little further apart as we do our jobs.


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