Face Mask Detection System

With Face Mask Detection, monitor customers entering and exiting your facility to see if Face Mask rules are being followed. Audible alerts can play to remind customers to wear a mask. Text messages can be sent to key personnel if a customer isn’t masked up.

• Automated with highly accurate smart sensors

• Heads-up Display options for improved customer communication

• Push notifications for key personnel so mask rules can be enforced

• Many different styles and types of masks can be detected.


How Face Mask Detection Works

SafeSpace Face Mask Detection leverages SenSource’s accurate smart sensors to identify customers not wearing face masks. Results of the screening are fed to a customer facing display to communicate and remind customers to mask up.

Face Mask Detection is made via SenSource’s smart sensors, installed overhead. The sensor makes the determination if a visitor is wearing a mask or not. If the sensor cannot make an accurate determination, an “unknown” detection is made.

Many types of masks can be identified by the sensor, including medical masks, gaiters, and scarves.

For current SenSource and/or SafeSpace customers, it can be turned on quickly, with minimal tech support intervention. Utilizing sensors that are already in place is a great way to take advantage of Face Mask Detection to keep your locations open and safe. (Not all installations will apply, sensor height and other location factors could impact feasibility.)

Communicating what the sensor identified is the next step to Face Mask Detection. A visual reminder is a way to reinforce mask rules without needing direct conversations between the visitor and personnel. This display can be cast to any TV, monitor, or tablet the location chooses, via the SafeSpace Web App.

If a mask is detected, a friendly thank you message is shared. If no mask is detected, a red screen appears communicating masks are required. An optional audible reinforcement can be played to notify the visitor and personnel.

Optional text message alerts can also be sent to personnel if no mask is detected. This will allow someone to be dispatched to see if the visitor followed the prompt to add their mask.

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