Forecasting Holiday Shopping Trends

forecasting holiday shopping trends

Retailers rely on their forecasted traffic patterns year-over-year so they know how to plan for upcoming seasons. This couldn’t be truer for the holiday season.

Shoppers come out in full force for the holiday shopping season due to sales, tradition and just spending time with friends and family. Retailers need to know how busy their season will be in-store and online so they can ensure they are fully staffed and stocked with the products consumers are looking for.

According to a recent article by National Retail Federation, they found that “39 percent of holiday shoppers planned to start (holiday shopping) before November this year…Another 43 percent planned to start in November, and only 18 percent said they would wait until December.”

By forecasting holiday shopping trends, retailers know when to start staffing their stores for the holiday rush. Retailers are able to begin ordering their stock well ahead of time and begin stocking and decorating their stores before the Thanksgiving holiday. This requires additional staff and staff hours to operate the store and additional security and maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

The installation of a SenSource people counting system and Vea analytics reporting platform gives retailers the most accurate traffic data on each store. This data allows management to analyze and understand the upcoming years traffic per facility during specific times of the day, week or month. Retail management can now make better business decisions and efficiently operate their store based on accurate, reliable traffic data.

More than half of consumers have already started their holiday shopping, is your store equipped to handle the influx of shopper traffic this holiday season?

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