Go With The (Traffic) Flow

Re-thinking the Retail Experience

Your display looks fantastic, but how do you know if it is drawing the attention of your customers? Your store is set-up perfectly, but do your customers wait too long in line due to understaffing? And what about your customers’ in-store navigation path trends? All of these details contribute to the customer experience. People counters can help retail locations track data, analyze the results, and implement solutions to improve your customers’ overall satisfaction.

Here are three reasons why your retail store needs to count customers:

go with the traffic flow 1) The 3 E’s: Entrances, Exits & Efficiency First thing’s first. Knowing how many people are inside your store throughout the day is important to both the efficiency and safety of your retail environment. Retail traffic counters have the ability to simultaneously track entrances and exits to measure store occupancy. Knowing the occupancy of the store throughout the day increases efficiency by keeping the correct amount of people on staff, reducing wait times, and controlling the flow of floor traffic. By using People Counters, retail locations can utilize 3D sensors like SenSource’s ClearCount 3D series and analytics software like SenSource’s Vea Analytics to access accurate information that can be utilized to make better business decisions about store layout, display or kiosk locations, and even POS or endcap inventory.

2) Consider the Customer Experience How much in-store time do customers spend waiting for a sales associate, in line at check-out, or at the register itself? These details may seem like minor pieces to the customer experience as a whole, but each of these individual stages add up to create either a positive or negative customer experience. People counters and retail analytics help to gain that essential insight into each stage that could be the difference for hitting the sales goal. Not only that, but by decreasing service and wait times and providing the customer with a smoother overall transaction, the technology is helping to impact your brand!

3) Avoid Overcrowding Displays, kiosks, or specific areas of retail stores can attract a crowd for various reasons. The data gathered from identifying “dwell zones” helps determine where customers spend the most time in the store, which can be a good (or bad) indicator of where your attention should be. For example, Vea Analytics uses Dwell Zones to show whether a display is a hit, but it can also highlight largely trafficked spots so you can identify what needs to change. Have an area of the store that is always empty? Learn which aisles or sections to draw customers towards to space out overcrowded areas. Got a particular piece of inventory you need to move? Vea Analytics can assist in determining the area with most exposure to foot traffic.

The Benefit

If you’re looking for a way to better control and analyze the traffic flow of your retail location, consider people counting technology that can help you maintain the safety, efficiency and success of your retail store. Consumer behavior trends indicate a preference for brands that consider the entire experience, and in-store metrics tend to be a piece of the overall puzzle that is often forgotten.

Get the tools that help you make the data driven decisions that will improve sales. SenSource’s People Counters can assist your management team in making the decisions that will improve your customers’ experiences! Reach out to your retail analytics expert today to learn more about which People Counters are right for your store.


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