Going Beyond Consumer Expectations

consumer expectationsThe holiday season is upon us and amazing promotions and deals are bringing consumers out in droves. Although online sales saw greater numbers than brick-and-mortar stores (an estimated 108.5 million Americans shopped online compared to 99.1 million at physical stores) this year, brick-and-mortar stores are still going strong and striving to beat consumer expectations, ensuring their return. Brick-and-mortar stores know their numbers are down and competing with online giants like Amazon continues to be a hurdle for them. In order for physical stores to compete they must understand the customers who still prefer shopping at a physical store. Many consumers enjoy being able to see and touch items before they make their purchase. Retail clothing and shoe stores often see this as people want to try on their items to ensure that it’s going to fit properly. In a recent news brief by the National Retail Federation they discussed the many excuses mall owners hear from consumers, in this scenario it was the Mall of America. After listening to the excuses given by their consumers Mall of America understood what one of the issues were. They were then able to figure out a way to go beyond their consumers expectations and partnered with Uber. A lot of the customers from the Mall of America used excuses about parking, the weather or even traffic. Their problem started before customers even entered the mall and they were able to recognize this and take action. By offering a service such as Uber, customers no longer had to worry about getting to the mall. They were able to simply enjoy the shopping experience and know the rest was taken care of for them. SenSource offers solutions for all of your traffic counting needs. By installing vehicle traffic counters malls and stores can properly count the vehicle traffic of each parking lot. This allows management to have an understanding of any traffic problems external to their physical store. Pairing those sensors with people counters inside of the facility and connecting them to Vea analytics software will give the big picture of how the entire property is being run and how it is handling consumer traffic patterns. Ensure that your facility is ready to go beyond consumer expectations by installing the right people counter for you. Contact a member of the SenSource sales team today to create your custom solution.

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