How Data Analytics Helps To Increase Library Traffic

Libraries have always been a place to contain books and other material for reading and reference to the community. However, they have slowly been evolving into digital hubs and a library of things expanding their offerings to a wider audience. As the digital age develops libraries have found new ways to increase their patron traffic.

increase library trafficTo accurately measure traffic levels, libraries have been turning to technology for assistance. People counting sensors, such as the SenSource ClearCount Series allows libraries to collect raw traffic data for analysis. Pairing the technology with Vea analytics reporting platform gives libraries the opportunity to transform their raw data into informative charts and graphs to be easily analyzed and shared. The information provided by these charts allow libraries to restructure the way they run their facility.

Secure Government Funding

Libraries rely on government funding each year to run their library. In order to secure funding each library must file the statistics of their library each year. Insufficient data can do more harm than good and ultimately end up providing less funding to a library. Properly allocating funds within a library system not only guarantees accurate reporting but also allows for appropriate funding and therefor running more effectively and efficiently.

Large Library Systems

Large library systems naturally allows room for error but must run smoothly as a whole in order to work efficiently. The Vea analytics reporting platform makes this easy for large library systems to work as one. The system gives staff the opportunity to create and share dashboards across the entire system from any location. It also allows for management to view at a glance how each library is doing at any given time. By understanding the data and properly analyzing it, libraries will have a better understanding of high traffic areas or events and may combat any issues before they arise.

Staffing Levels

Understaffing and overstaffing can both be detrimental to the well-being of a library. Libraries with inaccurate or inconsistent data typically fall victim to this issue. By knowing the peak areas and times of your library staffing won’t be an issue. This is exceptionally important when running events and programs to increase patron traffic during specific times of year. Extra staff is always needed during these events but you don’t want to overstaff. Analyzing event data tells libraries the best times to run the event and how many employees should be staffed to assist.

Obtaining, analyzing and understanding library data is the most effective way to increase library traffic. Installing and implementing a people counting system easily generates and gathers the needed information to help run your library with ease. With this information in hand you can focus on day to day tasks and providing a great patron experience. Contact the SenSource sales team today to see how they can help increase your library traffic.

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