How Library Usage Data Can Benefit Your Facility

library usage data

Community members visit libraries for a number of different reasons. Do you know how your library is servicing its community members best? Libraries offer multiple resources, work spaces and events to community members, understanding their core needs is critical to the state of your library. Analyzing library usage data gives you the information needed to better understand your patrons behavior.

There are a few different ways to better understand patron needs. With SenSource patron counting technology libraries can better understand traffic patterns and trends. This will allow you to curate better programs, ensure needed resources are available, and properly staff your library to assist with patron needs.

Efficiently Utilizing Library Spaces

Patron counting systems provide much more than the daily number of visitors to your library. They provide data that can be analyzed, showing detailed aspects of the library’s daily operations. This information may show specific areas of the library that are being utilized more frequently and by more patrons or display which events receive a higher turnout rate. This data can be further analyzed to show librarians if a specific day or time was a factor or if the weather played a role.

Benefits of Library Usage Data

Libraries turn to technologies, such as patron counting systems, to give them needed data on many aspects of their library. Libraries are able to properly staff their facility based off of the information provided from the sensors and Vea analytics reporting platform. They are able to see which days and times need additional staff or even seasonal periods that may need extra hired help. Although this data is needed to create a better experience for patrons of the library, it is also needed to help secure future funding of the library. Properly recording library data frees up staff members time and also ensures accuracy of its counts.

Learn more about patron counting sensors and see if it’s right for your library by contacting a member of the SenSource sales team today!

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