In-Store Data and Analytics Creates Retail Competition

The world we live in is an ever changing place and many retailers find themselves struggling to stay on top. Retailers can maintain high market value while meeting and exceeding shopper expectations by efficiently managing operations. Gathering the proper in-store data and analytics allows management to accomplish this by providing needed information on in-store traffic. Omnichannel has become a strong tool recently yet some retailers still find it a major obstacle. Creating a schedule of short and long term goals categorized by channel can help many stores rise above competition. By separating the goals retailers are able to focus on growing each channel individually and therefore meeting one ultimate goal. One way brick-and-mortar stores can meet increased shopper demand is to focus on providing exceptional customer service. By gathering in-store data and analytics retailers will have the information needed to accomplish this objective. data and analyticsAs the lines begin to blur between shopping in-store and online, retailers find themselves caught in the middle and sometimes struggling to build an effortless and seamless shopping experience. Shopping online often offers shopping recommendations for people who have previously purchased online, brick-and-mortar stores combat this by offering apps for shoppers to download so they can better track who their customers are and what they might be interested in purchasing so they can make these same suggestions. Exceeding customer expectations is every retailer’s goal. Equipping sales associates in brick-and-mortar stores with tablets is one of the ways retailers can accomplish this. When employees are given the proper tools they become an invaluable resource for that store. Sales associates can order out of stock items right from their tablet and have it sent to the customers’ homes, they also have the ability of demonstrating how products work or alternate versions of items that they offer. Having needed information at the tips of their fingers creates an experience many shoppers won’t forget and forms repeat customers. Although online shopping has experienced significant growth over the past few years, it’s beginning to slow. Customers who desire information and items at the drop of a hat are seeing their needs being met as omnichannel has recently been emerging. Create the perfect game plan for your store by gathering much needed data and analytics with SenSource People Counting Sensors and Analytics Software. Contact one of our sales representatives today to see which sensor would work best in your brick-and-mortar store and stay a step above competition.

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