Increase Conversion Rates And Meet Store Goals

In recent retail trends there has been a shift in the way specialty stores are marketing themselves. Stores have become more of a destination with unique experiences for the consumer such as, offering coffee or restaurants within the store or even sitting areas to relax and charge your media devices. Consumers today tend to prefer shopping online or on their mobile devices. Specialty stores have shifted their model in hopes of driving more traffic and engaging customers in their physical stores. Their thinking is to attract customers to their stores by offering perks and incentives in hopes that they will spend more time in the physical store and make a purchase while there. By completely changing their offerings and making themselves more attractive to a different market, retailers are going to need to measure this traffic in order to know if their new concept is truly beneficial to them. The new concept is sure to peak interest but management needs to know if their efforts will ultimately benefit their bottom line. Will these customers make a purchase? People counting technology such as the SenSource ClearCount series paired with Vea Analytics software is a great solution to implement when launching a new store concept and layout. The people counting technology helps distinguish where customers are shopping or perusing, the key times of day for specified areas of the store layout and if there are any high traffic areas. Creating a unique consumer experience is key but the end goal is still selling a service or product. Understanding key statistics will help retailers understand customer trends and better align their concept with their potential customer needs ultimately giving the customer the experience they were looking for and hopefully enticing them to make a purchase. By understanding their customers paths they can properly place products in key locations throughout the store for better visual traffic. In order to properly understand a stores conversion rate management must be able to measure and analyze their traffic. SenSource Vea Analytics can easily collect and compute needed data into understandable charts and graphs for management. Simply changing your strategy isn’t always enough to alter consumer behaviors. A new strategy may drive more traffic but if the final conversion rate isn’t increasing you may need to reassess the situation and approach things differently. A new balance between experiences and positioning products may need to be formed in order to get the results you were looking for. The SenSource sales team would be glad to discuss how the intelligent people counting sensors and Vea analytics software could help you analyze your conversion rates and see if your latest strategy really is working.

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