How to: Increase Library Traffic with Data Analytics

increase library trafficA library is a collection of information and resources, made accessible to a community for reference or borrowing. Over time libraries have slowly evolved into digital hubs. These digital hubs give a new avenue of information to people. As people migrate towards the digital world traffic at some libraries have slowly decreased. Many facilities have begun to look at new ways to increase library traffic but first they must understand their traffic flow and whether or not traffic is decreasing or staying constant. SenSource people counting sensors and the Vea Analytics software allows libraries to take raw data on what patrons are doing and transforms it into informative dashboards. The knowledge provided by these dashboards allow libraries to restructure the way they run their facility, library system or events. By restructuring, libraries often obtain higher traffic and run more efficiently. Similar issues often plague libraries, contributing to decreased library traffic and lower government funding.

Government funding, not where you would like it to be? In order to receive government funding each library must file their statistics each year. If a facility is unaware of their numbers or have inaccurate information this could result in insufficient funding. Properly allocating funds within a library system not only guarantees accurate reporting but also allows for appropriate funding from the government. Appropriate funds will allow a library to continue running at or above par.

Are you consistently understaffed? Libraries with inaccurate or inconsistent data often understaff or overstaff their facility. SenSource people counters accurately count peak areas and times of the library giving needed data to libraries. This data is the foundation to understanding how and when to staff your library. Ultimately allowing each facility to be resourceful about how they spend their funding dollars.

Is your library system running as separate entities? Large library systems need to run smoothly as a whole in order for them to work well. When each library is working independently from each other problems start to arise due to inefficiency. Installing people counting sensors and pairing them with Vea Analytics software helps management maintain a cohesive system. By understanding the data and properly analyzing it, libraries will have a better understanding of high traffic areas or events and can combat any issues before they arise.

Campaigns just not giving you the turn out you anticipated? There’s an ebb and flow to most libraries and many libraries often try to combat this by running special events during slow times. Libraries not only manage to keep their traffic up by doing this but they also form a tighter community with fun and informative activities. If these events are not accurately tracked they can begin to deteriorate over time. Analyzing event data tells libraries the best times to run them and how many people need to be assisting with the events. SenSource Vea Analytics software easily displays such information in easy to read graphs and charts thus allowing them to measure the effectiveness of their campaign. In order to increase library traffic the library must be efficiently run.

Obtaining, analyzing and understanding library data is the most effective way of accomplishing this. SenSource people counting technology paired with Vea Analytics software quickly accomplishes this and generates easy to understand, informative dashboards. Once you have this pertinent information you can focus on giving patrons the experience they desire. Contact a member of our sales team today to see how they can help increase your library traffic.

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