How To Interpret Student Union Traffic

interpret student union trafficWhen you think back to your college experience one can almost guarantee hours spent at the student union would be within that memory vault. Student unions are the hub, the gathering space, of the university and hundreds of students cross through and utilize the many benefits of the facility on a daily basis.

It takes a team of people to properly manage and maintain such a high traffic area. Technology, such as people counting systems, help to alleviate the burden by helping facility operators make sense of traffic patterns and peak usage times.

Traffic monitoring at the main entrances, as well as, secondary entrances and specific areas like dining areas and computer labs help to illustrate the traffic flow throughout the student union. This information, once properly analyzed, helps facility operators make decisions such as recognizing the need for expansion, allows for proper staff scheduling and maintenance, and it even helps them recognize the best placement for promotional marketing pieces.

People counting systems also allow for proper space utilization within the student union. This prevents overcrowding in specific areas and reduces line wait times ultimately creating a better experience for staff and students alike. Maintenance is also able to vent HVAC differently based off of heavy gathering areas.

A full people counting system will gather traffic data and send the collected data to an analytics platform, such as the Vea analytics reporting platform, which will allow facility operators to quickly view the information in productive reports and charts. Custom dashboards are easily curated for an easy, at-a-glance look at the traffic patterns in all linked locations in the student union.

Is it time for your student union to accurately measure student and faculty traffic? Contact a member of the SenSource sales team to learn which people counting system would be best for your university.

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