Library Technology Improving Patron Experiences

How advancements in library technology is assisting librarians

For many years’ libraries have been implementing technology into their daily routine either in way of assisting patrons or to ease the responsibilities of librarians. Although technology is advancing at a rapid pace the fundamental role of a library remains the same.

library technology“Essentially, I see no fundamental difference between the role of libraries in the 19th century and today. Broadly I see that as to educate, inform and yes, entertain. The media and the delivery methods are all that have really changed.” Is how Mick Fortune, a library systems and technologies consultant in the United Kingdom describes it.

The introduction of digital card catalogs was just the start of technology in libraries 30 years ago. Since that time libraries have introduced the IoT (Internet of Things), free wi-fi to patrons, and many digital items, such as tablets, available for checkout or use at the library. Libraries are also offering e-books to patrons so they don’t always have to go to the physical library to make use of it.

Libraries have also implemented technology into their libraries to assist librarians with their daily responsibilities such as checking out patron books, audio or video items, and other items via computer software programs. They have also implemented people counting systems to help librarians understand the patrons who visit the physical libraries better.

People counting systems are able to tell librarians how many patrons are in their library at any given time but they can also show the flow of traffic through their library and inform librarians on their most popular areas. People counting systems also collect data on queue and dwell times so librarians know if people are waiting too long to check out their books or if people tend to congregate for an extended time in a specific part of the library.

Advancements in technology will continue to make waves through libraries. Embracing the change will help set your library up for success with your patrons for years to come. To learn more about people counting technology and how it can help you library improve patron experiences contact SenSource and receive a free demo.

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