Meeting the Needs of Your Student Union

Meeting the Needs of Your Student UnionWhether students find themselves living in on-campus housing or commuting to and from the university they all tend to rely on the comforts and conveniences of the student union. Universities are left with the challenge to meet the ever changing needs of students, faculty and staff within the student union.

Food services, computer labs, recreation halls and private study rooms are just a few of the conveniences that are utilized in student unions. Monitoring the traffic patterns among the multiple points gives management a better idea of popular areas and heavy traffic times.

Students and staff are constantly passing through the student center of campus on a daily basis. Maintaining the buildings, keeping them properly staffed and having the proper funding to keep everything working efficiently is a large task. By installing people counting sensors in dining halls and student centers, universities are able to quickly gather and analyze traffic data.

Traffic monitoring at the main entrances has the potential of presenting the need for expansion, details appropriate marketing placement, allows for proper staff scheduling and overall provides data on how to efficiently operate the facility.

The SenSource ClearCount Series helps to determine space utilization for universities. Space management is a key factor to prevent overcrowding and long lines. Maintenance and management is also able to vent HVAC differently based off of heavy gathering areas for students. Having an understanding of dwell zone areas also assists in recognizing the need to expand or reduce hall sizes.

When pairing traffic counting sensors with the Vea analytics reporting platform, universities are able to collect data and analyze it through productive reports and charts. Management is able to create customized dashboards for an easy, at-a-glance look at the traffic patterns at all of the facilities on campus. This feature also allows the data to be shared with other key decision makers manually or automatically.

Contact SenSource today to find out how people counting technology can help meet the needs of your student union and run more efficiently.

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