New Feature: Face Mask Detection System

In many places across the US and globally, wearing a face mask is no longer an option but required when in public. As state governments make more strict mask mandates, it’s up to businesses to enforce them or face penalty. SenSource recognizes the pressure and expense businesses are facing to employ staff to oversee such mandates. For this reason, we are releasing our latest solution – an automated Face Mask Detection System.  

The Face Mask Detection System utilizes our smart sensors to detect the absence or presence of a face covering. Paired with our Vea Analytics Platform, sensors communicate data to a customer-facing smart TV or tablet to display a green “enter” sign or a red “mask required” sign. It automates the task of monitoring mask wearers, eliminating the need for a staff member at the entrance.

As for enforcing customers to wear masks, if one is not detected, the sign turns red and an optional audible alarm will alert the customer that a face mask is required. In addition, a text alert can be sent to the shift supervisor or key personnel to seek out the customer if further action is needed.

Our highly accurate smart sensors will detect the presence of a variety of face covering colors, patterns and styles including medical masks, fabric masks, gaiters, and scarves. The sensors use 3D stereo video technology and are mounted to the ceiling, meaning no personally identifiable data is collected. See it in action! Watch the video here.

Face Mask Detection can be used in conjunction with SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring. The same sensor can count customers for occupancy metrics as well as detect face masks. Current customers using Occupancy Monitoring can quickly and easily add Face Mask Detection. Contact your account rep for pricing.

SenSource’s SafeSpace Solutions are continually evolving to meet businesses’ needs to safely remain open. Whether mandates are given by a government official or a corporate leader, businesses such as grocery stores, apparel retailers, restaurants and bars need to respond quickly. Contact us today to learn more about SafeSpace’s Face Mask Detection solution.


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