New Features for SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring

We know nearly every business and location is doing what they can to keep up with the ever-changing rules and regulations in relation to COVID-19 and we are doing what we can to help with a round of new features for our SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring solution. SafeSpace was introduced to the market in mid-March at the outset of the pandemic. We wanted to provide an easy-to-use solution that could get up and running quickly. Over the past few months, we have continued to hone and improve SafeSpace to the product it is today, which is a complete real-time occupancy monitoring solution. Here are some improvements and new features we recently released to address customer needs and market demands.

Mobile App

The manual portion of SafeSpace can now be downloaded as a mobile app. This streamlines the process for door greeters to access the +/- buttons while manually tracking occupancy. It also has an Occupancy View mode that allows approved users to easily view the real-time occupancy from anywhere. This is ideal for store managers and supervisors to keep an eye on occupancy counts. The app is now available on the Google Play store, and an Apple app is coming very soon! Watch a video explaining our app here!


SafeSpace Alarms allow users to create custom alerts to be texted or emailed to key personnel when traffic is nearing or exceeding capacity. Alerts can help staff know when to dispatch workers to the entrances for oversight on traffic flows to make sure you are staying with regulations. It also is helpful for those overseeing multiple locations.

Heads-up Display

We also offer two display apps for use on customer facing displays like TVs or tablets. You can download SafeSpace Occupancy Display via the Amazon App Store or Google Play store.

Custom URL Display

In addition to displaying real-time occupancy counts at the door, you can also share your custom URL on your website or social media for customers to see the counts and plan their visits accordingly. Additionally, users can access SenSource’s API and custom URL to build a custom display for websites!


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