New Sensor Health Monitoring Keeps You Up and Running

SenSource ensures consistent, accurate data with Vea’s new health monitoring feature

Confidence is key when it comes to utilizing people counting traffic data. We understand the complexities behind ensuring consistently accurate traffic data. As a result, a new monitoring feature has been released to assist in proactively monitoring the health of customers’ sensors in the field.

Intelligent imaging people counting sensors using SenSource’s hosted services and Vea analytics platform are eligible for this new monitoring feature. The sensor sends an alert to Vea when any event occurs that jeopardizes the accuracy of data or ability for the sensor to communicate with Vea, such as a missed time sync, sensor tilt change or if tracking stops due to environmental changes.

SenSource technical support staff receives the diagnostic and health monitoring reports to intervene where necessary. Some issues will be solved remotely without any interaction from the customer. Customers will be contacted directly for issues requiring assistance. In addition, customers will receive a health report in Vea listing any critical issues to review.

The diagnostic and health monitoring feature is just another way to rest assured that SenSource is continually monitoring the health of your sensors, so that you can focus on what really matters – making better business decisions with your traffic data.


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