NRF 2020: The Latest in People Counting Solutions

nrf 2020 people counting

Retailers from around the world gathered at NRF 2020: Retail’s BIG Show last weekend to discover the latest technologies to change the retail landscape. One thing is for certain, brick-and-mortar retailers are not going anywhere. The technologies available only help to strengthen their presence and help them provide a positive customer experience.

SenSource was set up, at NRF 2020, within the Xovis In-Store Analytics Hub this year, showcasing the latest in people counting technology. This year they were able to focus on a few new features that retailers had been anticipating, employee exclusion and gender statistics. Both of these features provide retailers with a more granular look at their customer base. In turn this allows them to create a better shopping experience based off of their specific target market.

We sat down with Brendon Badway and Chris Listorti, two SenSource account managers who attended NRF 2020 this year, to discuss some of the top questions they were asked from retailers.

Q. How does employee exclusion and gender statistics work on the Xovis interface?

Employee exclusion is determined when employees where a specific badge that the sensor is able to pick up and the sensor automatically excludes them from the count each time they pass by the sensor. Gender statistics, on the other hand, looks at general characteristics between men and women and determines whether they are male or female and denotes a blue or pink dot on the dashboard distinguishing between the two.

Q. How does SenSource compare conversions in the Vea analytics reporting platform?

Our people counting system takes data in and computes it through the Vea analytics reporting platform, it does not integrate the data into customers software.

Q. Can SenSource people counting solutions help to determine where customers will go next after entering a store?

Yes, through path mapping by the placement of sensors either over a specific display or looking at the entire store. Our software can help determine where customers will go next based off of historical data. This is a good feature to help retailers plan and understand their marketing campaigns and in-store promotions.

Q. What is the relationship between SenSource and Xovis?

Xovis provides SenSource with their hardware. We then turn it into a turnkey solution, including the sensor hardware, our proprietary Vea analytics reporting platform and customer support system offering the complete package to our customers.

Q. What differentiates SenSource from their competitors on the NRF showroom floor?

SenSource offers their clients accurate, reliable data at a reasonable price all while providing prompt and friendly customer service. We ultimately help retailers make better business decisions.

The SenSource people counting solutions provide retailers with more than just traffic data. They provide a sense of security in knowing their customer base and the historical data to anticipate future traffic.

Whether you’re looking to implement a people counting solution into your store or if you’re unhappy with your current provider and want to make a switch contact a member of the SenSource sales team for a free demo.


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