NRF16 Consumer Behavior Shifting

After over a hundred years NRF still manages to put on an amazing show at Retails BIG Show in New York City. There were over 33,500 attendees and miles of EXPO to entertain all of them. The technology that was presented just begins to scratch the surface of what many of these companies can do. Booths around every corner were just waiting to grab your attention. consumer behaviorKeeping customers engaged was a key topic during the show. Many retailers need to know how to attract their customers and how to keep their attention. In today’s omnichannel era retailers find themselves mixing the in-store atmosphere with the abundance of information online stores can offer to customers. Management must first understand who their clients are and what their habits are in order to properly market and sell to their customers. Another hot topic at the show was millennials, marketing to millennials can be a whole new ball game for some retailers. Their method of shopping and purchasing is completely different than generations before them. They often do a lot of research online and on their mobile devices before making a decision. However, they are more inclined to purchase items in-store so they can touch and feel the items that they previously researched. The biggest question in the room was simple, how will things change over the next year? In the recent NRF article, “4 Ways Consumer Attitudes Will Shift By Next Year” Jennifer Overstreet says, “Getting into the heads of consumers is an essential exercise for marketers, but understanding why they do what they do is a little tougher – not to mention predicting how their behaviors will change.” Over the next year they foresee a few shifts taking place within consumers: passion, slouch, memory and uniform. Consumers have alerted to companies and organizations that have passion for different causes and put others ahead of themselves and take pride in supporting their causes. They are also becoming overstimulated by all of the technology and are craving a little R&R, however, that same technology is being relied upon for their memory so they won’t need to store as much information on their own. Lastly, the one-size-fits-all mentality may soon be upon us once again creating a more uniform society. People counting sensors paired with Vea analytics software gives retailers the opportunity to learn about the consumers walking into their stores on a daily basis. They allow retailers to understand how many people enter their shop and what their shopping behaviors are. Pairing it with their own POS software they will have a complete look at their consumer’s behavior so they can begin marketing to them in the most effective way. Learn more ways retailers use people counting sensors to learn about consumer behavior in these articles: Big Data Revealed A Complete Location-Based Interior Analytics Package for Retailers Time Are Changing and So Are Consumer Shopping Habits [Infographic] 


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