Real-Time Occupancy Counting System

Monitor and report on people entering and exiting your facility with an easy to use occupancy counter. Data can be collected automatically with people counting sensors, manually with a handheld counter, or a hybrid of both.

• Automated with highly accurate people counting sensors

• Multiple Heads-up Display options for improved transparency

Smartphone app available for manual count adjustments and real-time access to date

Historical Reporting to confirm compliance and have accurate data to make better decisions

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How to Use SenSource’s Occupancy Counting System

SenSource’s Occupancy Counting System consists of two main components; hardware and software. The hardware is the physical on-location occupancy counter equipment used to capture and display counts. The software is SenSource’s Vea Reporting Platform where important reports and information is extracted.

occupant counter example at a grocery store

The Occupancy Counting hardware starts with highly accurate people counting sensors. The occupancy counter sensors count how many people enter and exit. If a location has multiple doors, the system calculates a real-time occupancy by combining the counts from each sensor.

A second, yet optional, piece of hardware for is a display. Using a TV or tablet, the real-time occupancy counts can be shared with customers so they can make educated decisions about entering the location. There are several color-coded display options to choose from to use what fits a particular location the best.

The Occupancy Counting System is rounded out with the software piece using SenSource’s Vea Reporting Platform. Data is collected in real-time and pushed to the cloud-based platform.

Report on historical data to confirm compliance over time and create “Best Time to Shop” reports to share with customers.

To view samples of just a few of the reports and data views available in Vea for Occupancy users, please visit the Reports section below.

Occupancy Counter Feature Comparison

Occupancy Mobile App

The Occupancy Mobile App allows users to access the real-time occupancy counts of their locations from anywhere and make manual adjustments to the occupancy counts when necessary.

Join Us for a Live Demo!

Interested in an in-depth look at our people counting and occupancy monitoring solutions? Once a week we host 30 minute live demos that are free to attend!

Hosted by SenSource’s General Manager, Dan Aluise, the demos are held every Wednesday. Follow the link below to register for an upcoming session!

Occupancy Reporting in Vea Analytics

Click each report to zoom in

Occupancy Monitoring Alarms

Stay up-to-date with occupancy counts at one or multiple locations with the alarms feature.

Set certain occupancy percentages or hard numbers that when reached trigger text message and/or email notifications to critical personnel.

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