Occupancy Monitoring Alerts

occupancy monitoring alerts

Real-time occupancy monitoring has become a necessity for businesses in the time of COVID-19. Since the introduction of SAFESPACE, we have discussed quite a bit about the benefits of monitoring occupancy. But one impact of real-time monitoring is keeping key personnel aware when occupancy counts are reaching limits. The newly released SAFESPACE Alarms feature that includes occupancy monitoring alerts that can be sent via text message and/or email.

How Does it Work?

Setting up Alarms occupancy monitoring alerts is a quick and easy process. Identify the occupancy limits that should trigger an alert, add a phone number or email address, and that is it! Customizable settings such as capacity exceeded amounts and notification delay times will help reduce repetitive alerts. Store personnel can dispatch a team member to the doors when alerts are received. They can then police the thresholds until the occupancy counts are back under control. If desired, additional alerts can be sent when the Alarm has cleared to communicate everything is normal.

Take a Look Back

The Alarm History tab in a user’s account lets users see all active and resolved Alarms over the previous 14 days. This is a good way to identify trends and get some insight into how often a location exceeds occupancy limits. This is especially useful for SAFESPACE users that have multiple locations. A top-level admin can jump around to see how each location is handling their occupancy. It can assist in making staffing decisions and other allocations. Alarm History can keep users informed while not requiring them to receive alerts for every location in a network.

Try it Free!

Real-time occupancy monitoring will continue to be essential for the foreseeable future. Using SAFESPACE Alarms is a seamless way to stay in-the-know at all times. It is an added layer to keep employees and customers safe and comfortable.  

Want to try SAFESPACE and test the new Alarms feature? We are offering a 7 Day Free Trial! No cancellation, no fees, no risk!


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