People Counting Sensor for the Cost-conscious

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The recently launched C-cam* 2D people counting sensor is the perfect solution for customers who are a little more cost-conscious. It offers the core features of high-end people counters toting reliable, accurate traffic data while still offering a middle of the road price. The C-cam* is a great fit for a variety of applications including retail, libraries and government entities. Not only does it offer reliable and accurate data but it also offers a tiered price plan creating the ideal product for businesses in any phase of operation.

Government Entities

Government funded entities, such as libraries and visitor centers, have a set amount of spending for the year and they must budget accordingly. The budget that is set each year causes these facilities to be price sensitive when shopping for any new technologies. The C-cam* people counting sensor is the solution that government entities have been waiting for as it offers the reliable, accurate and easy-to-access traffic data that is essential for reporting purposes but also offers a reasonable price. The overhead installation and PoE connection of the C-cam* keeps it out of reach from tampering. There is also no manual labor of replacing batteries or resetting of the unit.

Mid-sized Retailers

Conversion ratio is a fundamental metric for all retailers regardless of size. Many boutiques and mid-sized retailers find themselves trying to obtain this information to maintain their store and to stay ahead of competition. However, high-end people counting technologies often offer much more than is needed for a smaller retailer, these ideal solutions often fall just out of the budget. The C-cam* is the perfect fit offering accurate traffic data without additional features of high end sensors.

The C-cam* is the most cost-effective solution in its market and is available in three purchasing options. The most basic option is best for those small businesses and entities that have their own IT staff. These businesses no longer have to purchase an entire packaged system. A standalone solution with basic onboard reporting and no recurring costs would be their ideal solution. The most common, and recommended, purchasing option requires the least effort from the customer as SenSource installs, calibrates and supports the system. This option also allows the C-cam* to be used with Vea cloud-based analytics software, offering networked data logging and dynamic reporting.

This solution also offers multiple sensor viewing and data that can be viewed from anywhere allowing you to make better business decisions on the go. Businesses often find themselves stretched thin when it comes to the budget.

If you’re finding that your business needs reliable, accurate data to get ahead in your industry but needing a cost-friendly solution the C-cam* video people counting sensor may be right for you. Contact a member of the SenSource sales team today to see how they can help.


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*This product is no longer available


Leila El moujtahid avatar
Leila El moujtahid says


I am looking for sensors to count people wireless and with batterie, what is exactly the pricing?

Thank you

Abigail Dulot avatar
Abigail Dulot says

we need price for sensource sensor pc-vid3-2.5n- 66pcs
sensource vea software- 1set

Jessica Lipply avatar
Jessica Lipply says

Hi Abigail,

Thank you for your interest in our people counting products. A sales rep will contact you shortly with the pricing you requested.

Have a great day!

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