How It Works – People Counting for Wide Entrances

Stores and indoor facilities across the country are utilizing large open areas at their main entrances. These spaces are very inviting and create a wow appeal as people enter however, from an operation stand point you have to stop and wonder how do you measure traffic in such large spaces? That’s where people counting for wide entrances and high ceilings come in.

people counting for wide entrancesManagement needs to continuously track and measure the activity throughout their facility in order to efficiently operate the space. People counting systems are one of the ways that facilities are able to collect and analyze data. SenSource offers a solution that allows for areas with high ceilings and wide entrances to still be accurately and reliably monitored.

The VIDX3 people counting sensor is the perfect solution for high mounting applications. It delivers reliable performance at mounting heights up to 65 feet. Wide entrances can stitch up to nine sensors together to collect data in the entire entryway. This method allows multiple devices to be viewed as one entity on the backend. These two scenarios offer project management more capabilities and allows for difficult situations and scenarios to be analyzed.

After the sensors are properly installed and calibrated the data can be viewed in the Vea analytics reporting platform. This is a cloud-based analytics platform that allows management to view real-time analytics on their facility. Management is now able to analyze traffic patterns and peak traffic times in order to make better business decisions.

Let SenSource help you measure traffic in your hard to manage areas with high ceilings or wide entrances. Contact a member of the sales team to learn more about people counting for wide entrances and high ceilings or for a free demo.


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