Prevent Lost Opportunity at Your Theme Park

It is anticipated that the global market for theme parks will be $44.3 billion by the year 2020. With that kind of growth theme parks want to capitalize on the market and not be left with a lost opportunity. As the internet of thing (IoT) grows it is finding ways into all industries including family entertainment and theme parks. According to the Amusement and Theme Parks Market Trends from 2015 reported by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., IoT enabled theme parks is said to be one of the top trends for growth for theme parks.

Theme Park Apps

Theme park applications have been gaining attention over the past few years. Some applications work as a map and utilizes GPS tracking through your phone to pin point your location. Park guests quickly know where they are with this feature and can figure out how to get to their desired ride or attraction.

No More Queues

Parks are also implementing a reservation process that allows guests to skip long ride wait lines altogether. This reservation system allows the guest to enjoy the park and return for a specific ride at a specified time. Guests will enter through a special entrance and wait just minutes for their ride. Ride wait times can be cut by almost 40 minutes. Guests are now able to enjoy more park attractions rather than standing in long lines. Going a step further the system can allow guests to pre-order their food and beverages. Orders are taken from a special device given by the park or through phone applications. This reservation system cuts down on further queue lines in the park. SenSource can assist in managing your queue length and average time guests spend in line with the ClearCount 3D system. This data is the foundation of implementing a reservation application, knowing when ride queues exceed the acceptable threshold, such as a 15 minute wait, and the reservation system can be engaged.

Attract a Wider Demographic

Although technology is everywhere theme parks can’t rely solely on it to advance their park. Clark Robinson, president and CEO of IAAPA, states in a recent article, Innovative Trends in the Global Amusement Industry, “Parks have targeted an ever-widening demographic by increasing the number of options for guests of all ages, such as more live entertainment, animal shows, more family rides, interactive experiences and nightlife offerings.” Another trend to attract a wider demographic has been to install a water park next door to the theme park. Two parks in one can attract more visitors and often increases the length of stay. Guests often stay the weekend, if not longer, at theme parks that offer multiple attractions. As technology evolves in the world around us it creates new advancements that each industry, including that of amusement parks, must learn to adapt to.

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