Properly Manage Common Spaces in Your Facility

You’ve probably been in the situation at least once in your life where you arrive at a meeting room or common dining area and the room in packed or possibly already booked and you have to find another place to meet. It often makes for an uncomfortable situation for all parties involved but there is a way to avoid these situations altogether. Business owners are able to properly manage common spaces with the data provided from people counting sensors.

The SenSource ClearCount 3D people counting systems and Vea analytics reporting platform provide facility usage data such as how often spaces are occupied, at what time and by how many people. This data allows facility operators to determine if spaces are being utilized efficiently. Facility operators are then able to properly allocate space based on actual user needs.

manage common spacesFacilities such as office conference rooms, university student unions and churches, to name a few, find themselves looking for ways to maintain and manage their common gathering areas. Shared working environments often pose the problem of double booking areas and overcrowding. People counting systems are able to detect how many people are using a space at any given time to help determine if the meeting room it actually being utilized to its capacity. Finding the most efficient conference room allocation will reduce costs by appropriately using lighting, HVAC and maintenance resources.

Other areas of interest are the traffic flow patterns of student unions. With large meeting areas, dining halls and special events there is a constant flow of people, traffic monitoring is important in this type of scenario. This data will give management the information they need on main entrances thought out the entire student union. Understanding this data will allow for proper expansion of the facility, cleaning and maintenance staffing and even marketing needs.

If you’re currently looking to manage common spaces in your facility a little better contact a member of the SenSource team today to learn more about the ClearCount 3D system and their proprietary Vea analytics software.

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