Prepare Your Public Space For Summer Traffic

Summer will be here before long, bringing a lot of extra foot traffic to your museum, botanical gardens or public spaces. Preparing your facility for the extra traffic gives you and your staff the advantage it needs to ensure visitors leave happy and desire to return in the future.

public space summer trafficA deeper understanding of your facility’s operations at the visitor level is ideal for management. Parks, museums and government facilities can benefit greatly from analytics tracking software that provides deep insight into visitor statistics information.

Facilities of all sizes often need to analyze their grounds for the most popular areas and can easily do this by monitoring traffic patterns throughout their facility and observing any changes over time. By understanding this information operators are able to properly scale staffing levels and adjust facility hours accordingly. In turn this saves many employee man hours and funding dollars.

The installation of a people counting sensor, such as the ClearCount series, and pairing it with the Vea reporting platform offers many facilities the information they need to make key business decisions. Reporting visitor statistics to government advisors has been made easy through this system, as well as, the justification of staffing requests, funding and hours.

Simplify your data collection process and gather the information you need to make better business decisions with people counting sensors. Contact a member of the SenSource sales team today to learn more and to find out which product will assist your facility the best.

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