Real-Time Occupancy Monitoring for COVID-19

SAFESPACE Real-Time Occupancy Display
SAFESPACE Real-Time Occupancy Display

Headcounts, foot traffic, flow of people…no matter how you describe it, real-time occupancy monitoring is something all businesses need to consider as we operate under COVID-19 restrictions. Many owners are eager to open up their doors as summer approaches, but understand it will be under different circumstances..

Businesses in different industries have been leveraging SenSource people counters for many years. Using data to identify trends over time to help make staffing, marketing, and other important decisions. However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, real-time metrics like live occupancy are more important than ever. Shifting our proven technologies to allow for a real-time occupancy monitoring solution seemed like a great way to help businesses in these difficult times.

Displaying a live occupancy count at all entrances is a good way to give your customers and employees the peace of mind you are following guidelines and you care about their safety. With SAFESPACE Enterprise you can combine manual and sensor-based automated counts to give an accurate occupant load. You can then display the count onto a TV via an Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick, or any TV web browser. A simple and fast setup, and you can be counting in minutes.

SAFESPACE features like Text Message Notifications when certain triggers are hit and customizable heads-up display messages can keep teams informed as the day progresses. Data reports like ‘Best Time to Shop’ can put your business in a position to encourage shoppers to safely visit your location.

We don’t know when the COVID-19 regulations will go away. It could be weeks, months, or even years. Consider SAFESPACE by SenSource when evaluating your real-time occupancy monitoring solutions. We’ve done it for years, and you can count on us.

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